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Best home cleaning services NJ

Transforming Spaces with Our Cleaning Company

Butterfly Clean is the most budget-friendly and fruitful cleaning company in New Jersey. Let us make sure your home sparkles

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Hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home or workplace can give you many benefits including saving time, thorough and detailed cleaning, cost efficiency, and removing pollutants and allergens. You can now focus on your work and personal life and leave your cleaning to the experts because we aim to provide you with an improved quality of living. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals who possess all the required skills and equipment to give you a sparkling clean living or workspace. We work according to your needs and give you complete satisfaction. Our team makes sure to remove all the dirt to give you your perfect environment. Give us a call and we will clean for you at the best possible rates!

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Let Us Handle Cleaning While You Move!

We understand that there are times when you are caught up in more important tasks and can’t let the cleaning consume your time. No Worries because our team has got your back in such times. You can get thorough move-in or move-out cleaning services so when you are moving in or out of your house you can take care of your stuff without getting concerned for cleanliness. You should be aware that there is no better time to clean your home than when it is empty.


If you are moving in we will take care of your hygiene by giving you a spotless living space. If you are moving out we will make the place ready for the next owners, it is important to do the cleaning while moving out because by doing it you can make sure that you are not leaving behind anything important. Contact us and our team will help you when you are shifting to a new location!

Why Choose Us?

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It is always better to hire the best for your jobs because they can help you reduce costs, and work more effectively to give you the peace of mind that you desire. With years of experience, Butterfly Clean has proven to be the best affordable house cleaning company in NJ. Hiring us will completely satisfy your needs because we have curated our services while keeping in mind your specific needs and budgets.


We can clean your house completely including rooms, windows, carpets, furniture, and anything that you want to get cleaned. Our team makes the cleaning process easier for you so you can stop worrying about a messy house and utilize your time for something more productive. w

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